First Spring Cleaning Project

I think everyone has one of those drawers or boxes full of cords and other random items for which there is no easy way to tame them. So we stuff them in closets and drawers and pretend it doesn’t exist until you need something and are forced to dig through the drawer and wonder how on earth every single cord is tangled around everything in the drawer. So after 15 or so wasted minutes and a few swear words later, you finally get to the item you needed and everything else is stuffed into the drawer and forgotten until the next time. Please tell me it’s not just me that has this problem.

After some Googling I found a few ideas on how I could tame this trouble spot in my house. The best idea I found involved using old toilet paper rolls. That required that I dig through the trash but I did manage to find four that I could use. The original idea can be seen here

So after resucing the toilet paper rolls I set out to find duct tape that was cute, like the kind in the pictures on the blog. Of course, no one carries that kind so I was stuck with black and a blue and white polka dot kind instead. After wrapping one roll with the blue and white duct tape I realized that was a bad idea because you could see very easily where each line started and stopped so only one was wrapped with that


The black ones went better but they still don’t look anything like the photos I saw which leaves me to believe that they were photoshopped. After I get my label maker going and label each one, I think the black will look nicer. 


Now I have a drawer with cord that I am not afraid to hide and I can actually find what I need when I need it!  After I get a few more rolls I can finish the drawer. I liked it so much, I decided to save up some additional rolls and do my cord disaster at work. So if you have a roll or two and don’t feel motivated to do this yourself, send them my way. 


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